STAINLESS NEEDLE-NOSE PLIERS WITH STRAIGHT JAWS 9 There are no products in this category

  • Comfortable PEC Resin Grip - Easy to grip and prevents slippery hands with control and comfort
  • Built to Last - Constructed from Stainless Steel & Black Nickel coating preventing rusting
  • Equipped with an eye tuner - Handles 3 different sizes
  • Equipped with Crimper - Ideal for working with sleeves or sinkers
  • These needle nose pliers give you the ability to reach deep down into the mouth of any pecies of fish and get your lure or hook back easily
  • Designed with straight jaws instead of split ring tips these pliers are perfect when handling toothy creatures
  • They are ideal for the angler who enjoys offshore jigging, casting off the beach, Snake head fishing or any style of fishing that encounters fish with sharp spines
  • Weight, g- 250
  • Length, inch- 9