320lb NFL Player vs 400lb Grouper

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In this episode of BlacktipH, I go fishing for massive goliath groupers and snook with one of the largest players in the NFL, Jawaan Taylor, from the Jacksonville Jaguars. Accompanied by us was Captain Ryan Nitz, Drew Rosenhaus, and Robert Bailey from Rosenhaus Sports Representation. The day started with us fishing for snook in the inlet. As soon as we dropped our bait in the water, we hooked a snook. Both Drew and Jawaan caught their personal record-sized snook. After catching several snook, we decided to head offshore and hook Jawaan up to a monster goliath grouper. A live bonito was our bait of choice for the goliath groupers. Within seconds, a massive goliath grouper came up and ate the bonito. Jawaan was in for the battle of his life! The goliath grouper fought extremely hard, but in the end, Jawaan triumphed. This fish was massive, well over 400lbs! This grouper weighed more than Jawaan, who at the time weighed 320lbs. Drew decided to jump in the water with the goliath and nearly got knocked out by its powerful tail! We finished the day catching jack crevalles at the dock.

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